ROTERRA Power Harrow
POLYMAT Pneumatic Drill


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CENTERLINER Twin Rotor Precision Broadcasters

Bout Widths
between 6 and 36 metres

Capacity - 1,900 to 3,150 litres depending upon hopper configuration.

Even Spread - fully overlapping spread pattern from twin rotors produces quadruple overlap. Each part of the field receives four layers of fertiliser.

Easy to Set Up - no rotors to change, no vanes to adjust. Simply set the height, rotor speed, machine angle and spread rate.

Boundary Spreading - hydraulic tilt mechanism built in as standard. Optional Boundary Spreading Deflector for sharp cut off.

Strong & Durable pressed steel construction for strength and light weight. Powder coated paint finish for long term protection.

Rotor Vanes - made of wear resistant material ensure precise spreading performance.

Hydraulic Remote Control - standard equipment.

Electronic Controls and Weigh Cells - - optional.


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Roterra Power Harrow

Standard specification

Club tines (max. working depth 280 mm) with side-fixaton for quick exchange with the help of an air key
Heavy three point headstock with heavy duty square support beams (100x100 mm)
Linkage cat. II and III
Floating suspension of rotor guard
Rigid torsion-free geartrough with a flanged lids for a long life
300/400/500/600-55: heavy duty gearbox (central drive) suitable for 1000 rpm
350/450-55: heavy duty gearbox suitable for 1000 rpm
300/400/500/600-55: set of gears 24/19 at 1000 rpm
350/450-55: set of gears 20/15 at 1000 rpm
300/350/500/600-55: floating system with crumbler roller Ø 440 mm
400/450-55: floating system with crumbler roller Ø 520 mm
Foldable soil deflectors, adjustable both horizontally and vertically
300/350/400/450-55: Walterscheid PTO shaft with cam-type-cut-out clutch (1 3/8" - 6 splines at tractor side)
500/600-55: Walterscheid PTO shaft with shearpin automat Tulipmatic (1 3/8" - 21 splines at tractor side)

Special benefits

Patented club tines: due to the shape, side-fixation, material and production technique, the tines guarantee high quality and long life. These club tines are fitted by a single Allen headed socket bolt and a unique captivated self locking nut. Because the bolt is accessible from the side, the tines can quickly and easily be changed by means of a power tool or socket. Fuel saving up to 20% in comparison with knife tines.

Heavy duty rigid torsion-free geartrough with flanged lid, large diameter shafts and bearings as well as a large spacing between the top and bottom bearings.

Geartrough completely sealed to ensure no contamination of the drive gear lubrication. Incorporating self lubricating, double sealed, heavy duty bearings.

Patented spring-loaded rotor guard: stones and other objects are pushed down and can pass through the rotating tines.

Foldable floating soil deflectors: working width = transport width.

Floating system: if necessary, the Roterra power harrow can break out upwards independently from the roller. The roller continues to follow the ground.

Rigid portal headstock: centre of gravity is positioned closely to the tractor, makes working with a less powerful tractor possible.

Rotor speed: quickly and easily changeable gears.

Compact engineered: headstock and support frame suitable to mount secondary equipment like seed drills or planters, offers seeding or planting in one pass.


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POLYMAT Pneumatic Drill

Standard specification

Universal metering device for cereals and prilled seeds
Output of 1 to 360 kg/ha (peas and beans approx. 450 kg/ha)
Supplied with standard sowing coulters
Central and individual coulter tension adjustment: maximal adaptation to different circumstances
Hopper capacity: 820 litres
Filling platform accessible from the side
Seed coverage harrow is lifted simultaneously with the coulters, the metering wheel and the markers when turning on headlands
Parts for linkage to the Roterra and Multiterra machines
Markers left and right with shear bolt coupling
Polytronic E incl. tramline system and low seed level signalling device
Mechanical drive of fan (1000 rpm)
Walterscheid PTO shaft (1 3/8" - 6 splines tractor side)
Supports for linkage to packer roller (Polymat P)
2 Foldable wheels (Polymat W)
Track eradicators (Polymat W)

Special benefits

Pneumatic dosage unit: perfect dosage and distribution. The metering unit gives a complete range of application rates from 1 to 360 kg/ha. The metering unit is stepless adjustable and can be adapted to the use of small seeds by means of change gears.

Three rows of coulters: the coulter beam is fitted with three rows of coulters. This gives considerably more clearance between each coulter. Crop trash discharges more easily, avoiding disruptions.

Polytronic E: includes a control system, hectare counter, a low seed level signalling device and a tramline system: during drilling tracks are kept clear in a pre-set rhythm. Fertilizer application and spraying operations can be carried out accurately because the tractor can follow these neatly laid-out tracks. A number of important functions such as hopper seed level, fan speed, voltage and correct seed flow is monitored.



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Standard specification

2 rows of discs made out of hardened steel, Ø 510 mm
Gang spacing 80 cm
Heavy bearings with overdimensioned wheel hubs, low maintenance
Torsion bar suspension by means of round rubbers for a maximum freedom of movement of every disc separately
Stable, powder coated frame with robust headstock

Up to 200 inclusive: linkage cat. II

Up from 250: linkage cat. II and III
Up to 350: depth control by means of the floating system with crumbler roller Ø 440 mm
Up from 400: depth control by means of the floating system with crumbler roller Ø 520 mm
Up from 350: support beams for high stability

Special benefits

Hardened steel discs, solid side fastening with 5 bolts 10.9, simply accessible.

The aggressive action of the serrated discs and the large distance between the rows of discs give an ideal mulching and mixing result of crop residue or green fertilisation.

Extra protected sealing of the bearings; lubricator chamber provided with a large quantity grease; hot forged hub.

High stability of the torsion bar suspension of the roller.

The floating system: if necessary the Multidisc disc harrow can break out upwards independently from the roller. The roller continues to follow the ground.

Perfectly suitable for high driving-speeds up to 20 km/h.