For more than one hundred years Lely Welger have been building balers. The wealth of knowledge built up over years and years, as well as knowledge of the most up to date manufacturing and assembly technology come as standard with every single baler.

Well proven design, solid construction and high quality manufacturing result in unrivalled machines for reliability and value.

With the conventional square balers Welger present a baler range that meets all the requirements of modern farming. The whole range is equipped with all the features that made Welger balers so famous.

AP 630
Unrivalled high bale densities in combination with a full range of standard equipment, such as pick-up guide wheel and 1.80m wide pickup, with hydraulic height control all help to make this baler into a high performance machine.

AP 730
The chassis of this baler is specifically designed for high throughput at the highest possible bale densities. It is fitted as standard with all automatic operating safety devices provided by Lely Welger. This model is fitted as standard with a hydraulically operated drawbar to be able to quickly change from the working to transport position.

AP 830

A pick-up of over 2,0 m wide, working in conjunction with the triple cross feed system enables this machine to give a performance that is unrivalled by other balers of this type. This model is particularly suited for large farmers and contractors using big combines, as well as hay producers who require high output, very high bale densities as well as precisely formed bale shapes.


Better profits from the tightest bales - Welger Round Balers provide maximum reliability and unrivalled output performance due to their many benefits to work in any type of crops and conditions.

Maximum user benefits from the highest possible density - less bales per hectare requiring less net and tying material.

Reduced downtime contributes to maximum overall output and profitability from your machinery.
With Welger Round Balers Lely offers the most advanced technology to suit the requirements of a very wide range of crop conditions. They are all manufactured to the well known and proven Welger quality.

Clean Forage - Healthy Animals.
Nothing is more important for livestock farming than healthy animal feed. Self-sufficient production must ensure the quality demanded by the animals.  For baling hay and silage it is very important that the swaths are gathered cleanly without unnecessary debris and that maximum compression is maintained for pre-wilted silage. The best forage quality is obtained from a high output baler, combined with good reliability to ensure high profitability in unsettled weather conditions.

Large quick access guards made from modern materials give excellent accessibility for routine maintenance work.
With Welger Lely offers Europe's largest variable chamber Round Balers. To meet the trend for ever-increasing power and efficiency for crop harvesting we have developed a Round Baler of a unique quality, as well as the extra size of the bales produced.


D 4000 - D 6000 Automatic safety throughout

All important assemblies are protected automatically.  A double clutch system in the flywheel provides a flexible drive, which automatically reduces peak power. The feeder fingers are fitted with an electro-hydraulic monitoring system. Overloads in the intake area are detected and / or corrected as early as possible. This gives:- High bale throughput: No need for shear-bolts: High bale density: Low shock load on the tractor transmission.

Shaft drive to ensure reliable synchronisation
All components are driven by torsion-proof shafts and gears. Knotters, needles, feeder and packer are perfectly synchronised to the ram: one of the most important requirements for excellent reliability.

Welger D 4060 - D 6060
For Every User - the Right Baler 
With the development of these new Big Balers, Lely proves, once again, its capability of leading the field, due to its ability to listen to customers. These skills are complemented by more than a hundred years of experience in baler manufacturing, resulting in machinery which benefit the large scale farmer and contractor.

Power efficient - Reliable and easy-to-use
More and more is expected of farm machinery to-day, it is therefore essential that they are efficient and easy to use. So many functions are operated electronically, or electro-hydraulically. This requires a positive, stable power supply, which is difficult for some tractors.

Both the Welger D 4060 and D 6060 Big Balers provide of an on-board power source and therefore are independent from the tractor.